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Understanding The Differences on Sizes of Oysters

oysters at sonsie in boston ma

Oysters are a popular seafood delicacy and come in a variety of sizes. These sizes can significantly affect taste, texture, and culinary applications. Understanding the differences between oyster sizes can help you make better decisions when purchasing or preparing these delectable bivalves. To learn more about oyster sizing, or what kind of oysters are served at Sonsie, please continue reading.

Small Oysters

Small oysters, also known as "cocktail" or "petit" oysters, are typically less than 2.5 inches long. They are commonly served raw on a half-shell and often enjoyed as appetizers. Small oysters have a delicate, tender texture and a mildly sweet, briny flavor. They are perfect for those who prefer a lighter oyster taste or are new to eating oysters.

Medium Oysters

Medium oysters are between 2.5 and 3.5 inches in length. They are considered the most versatile oyster sizes because they can be used in various culinary applications. Medium oysters have a firmer texture than small oysters and a more pronounced briny flavor. They are ideal for grilling, frying, or incorporating into stews and soups.

Large Oysters

Large oysters, or "select" oysters, are over 3.5 inches long. They have a meatier texture than small and medium oysters and a much stronger briny flavor. Large oysters are typically grilled or baked and are perfect for those who enjoy a rich, robust taste.

Extra-Large Oysters

Extra-large oysters are the largest of all oyster sizes, measuring over 4 inches in length. They have a strong, almost overwhelming briny flavor and a chewy texture. Extra-large oysters are not for everyone, but they are highly prized by oyster aficionados who enjoy their intense flavor and chewiness.

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To recap, small oysters are delicate and tender, while medium oysters are versatile and firm. Large oysters have a meaty texture and a solid briny flavor, and extra-large oysters have an intense, chewy taste. Understanding the differences between oyster sizes can help you make better decisions when purchasing and preparing oysters. For more information or to secure your reservation to try some of the best oysters in Boston, please get in touch with Sonsie today. You can reach us by calling (617) 351-2500 or completing a contact form online