Meet the Chefs

Head Chef Jason Hanelt



Born and raised in New England and hailing from Sandwich, Cape Cod, Chef Jason Hanelt celebrates his 30th year in the restaurant industry. At the age of 14 Jason found an interest in restaurants working in a classic Cape Cod Clam Shack. Originally entering the restaurant world as a means to purchase a road bike, a hobby he still enjoys to this day, he soon found a love and natural talent in the kitchen.

Jason left The Cape for Boston to attended Northeastern University where he studied french with the intent on pursuing a career in education, all the while cooking in restaurants. He would soon be promoted to Sous Chef and it was then that he truly realized the kitchen was where he belonged. For the next two years, Chef Jason found himself across the country working in the San Francisco food scene during the onset of the Farm to Table movement. He was mentored by Chef Bruce Hill at Oritalia, a 45 seat Asian-Euro fusion restaurant. Here Jason honed his skills and learned the foundation of cooking. During his tenure he was heavily influenced by Asian cuisine; the elements of which can be found throughout his dishes.


In 1996, Jason found himself back in Boston. Since his homecoming he has worked at several restaurants, all of which have helped shape him into the Chef he is today. Most notably were the many years he spent with Gordon Hamersley, owner and head chef of Hamersley’s Bistro. Jason valued Gordon's Farm to Table philosophy as well as Gordon’s approach to education, both on and off the line. Jason achieved the title of Chef de Cuisine during this time and honed his signature french technique.

Chef Jason’s personal philosophy revolves heavily around seasonality and education; both of which directly translate into his dishes. He believes in starting with the best product possible to get the best result. Understanding intuitively that the word ‘chef’ means leader, Jason is a teacher through and through, educating not only his staff in the kitchen but focusing attention on the front of house as well. He believes above all in treating everyone with respect and expects the same from his kitchen as he strongly believes that this element is directly seen and felt by guests. We are happy to welcome Chef Jason and look forward to many years under his direction.

Chef de Cuisine Emmett Ledbetter


Growing up in Colorado, Emmett’s exposure to the restaurant industry began with his father, a General Manager and part owner of a local restaurant in his home town. From there a family friend gave Emmett his first real kitchen job at the age of 14. Starting as a dishwasher he slowly worked his way through the kitchen; learning the basics as he went. Choosing to forgo a formal education in the culinary arts, Emmett decided to move to Denver where he began working at Earl’s Kitchen, initially manning the apps station he soon worked his way up to the Sous Chef position.

From there Emmett would help open multiple Earl’s locations around the country and in Canada, eventually landing him in Sommerville, MA. Emmett decided to dig into the Boston food scene and worked as the Chef de Cuisine under Brian Poe and Douglas Rodrigues at the Tip Tap Room. When the opportunity arose for Emmett to join the team Sonsie, he jumped at the chance and was excited to be apart of a Back Bay institution. Starting as the AM Sous Chef he has demonstrated his natural talent and leadership in the kitchen, recently being promoted to Chef De Cuisine. He is excited to begin this new chapter at Sonsie and hopes to create lasting memories for our guests.

Pastry Chef Christian Molle


Christian's first memories in the kitchen start as a child, baking holiday desserts with his mother. A passion of his from a young age he recalls watching cooking shows the way his peers watched cartoons. At 14 he began cake decorating classes, recognizing early on he had a natural talent for the kitchen. His first job in the industry was working at a local grocery store decorating cakes at age 16. Quickly realizing that this would be his career path he attended Johnson & Wales where he received a degree in Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management. While in School, Christian continued to work as well as intern at Davio’s and later became a Pastry Assistant in Providence RI.

After Graduating, Christian decided to seek opportunities in Boston. From the moment he walked into Sonsie he knew that this was where he wanted to be. Originally hired as an Assistant Pastry Chef, Christian was promoted quickly to Head of the Pastry Department. We are lucky to have him on the team as his true passion is creating desserts that people love. The happiness of the guest is what is most fulfilling to him.