Lunch Menu


Butternut squash soup, apple CIDER, maple nutmeg crème fraiche 7.5
Baked MACINTOSH apple, crisp chicken livers, smoked walnuts* 10
House smoked golden trout, cress, pickled APPLE, horseradish sauce 12
Five spice duck confit, FUJI apple, rice crepe, apple miso 14


M.V. Spearpoint oysters, shaved ice, classic condiments* 3 ea
Chilled oyster SHOOTER, pepper vodka, yellow tomato cocktail sauce* 4 ea
Boston clam CHOWDER, sea salt crackers 9
Wild mushroom TACO, red mole, Oaxaca cheese, sesame seeds 7 ea
Cream cheese onion DIP, smoked salt, hand cut chips 8
PORK BELLY roullarde, shaved cabbage, mizuna, peanuts, nuoc cham 12
Crispy CALAMARI, onion threads, honey sriracha mayonnaise 13.5
Steamed MUSSELS, white wine, aromatics, beurre blanc 14 add frites 19


SPINACH, shaved pear, dried cranberries, almonds, poppy seed dressing 13
LONG LIFE chopped salad, beets, legumes, feta, lemon vinaigrette 15
Caesar, BABY KALE, broken croutons, white anchovy 12 grilled chicken 16
SPAGHETTI, slow roasted tomatoes, toasted garlic bread crumbs 19
Butternut squash RAVIOLI, spinach, raisins, pine nuts, aged balsamic 21
WAGYU beef burger, cheddar cheese, artisanal bacon, brioche bun* 20
Pan roast SALMON, fingerlings, green chard, Chioggia beets, beet ketchup* 22


Tuna MELT, cheddar, sweet pickles 10
CUBANO, spicy roast pork, ham, cheese 12
Avocado chicken salad TORTA 13
Turkey RUBEN, Russian dressing, three brother's sauerkraut, melting swiss 13.5
Grilled chicken sandwich, chopped pickles, WHITE BBQ sauce 13.5
Shrimp BURGER, vine ripe tomato, red leaf lettuce, old bay mayonnaise 15.5
Hot SHAVED LAMB, hummus, cucumber tzatziki 15.5
*All sandwiches choice of hand cut russet chips or sweet potato salad *


Mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil pesto, pecorino 13.5 SOPRESSATA 15.5
GOAT CHEESE, roast sweet peppers, calamata olives, parsley leaves 14
MUSHROOMS, caramelized onions, mozzarella, brie 15
Spinach, ricotta, mozzarella, feta, GARLIC CONFIT 15
BUTTERNUT SQUASH, mozzarella, brie, smoked bacon 15
CHEESE BURGER, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, special sauce 16
Chicken, CHIPOTLE CHILE, jack cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole 16
White pizza, CHOPPED CLAMS, garlic, thyme, lemon zest 17